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Thai Cuc Viet and Dong Ho Painting

Thai Cuc Viet has appeared for a long time in Vietnam, but it is unknown when and not many people discuss, write or analyze it. In particular, TCV appears on the painting “The pig herd” of the Dong Ho folk painting line.

Ðông Hồ painting (Vietnamese: Tranh Đông Hồ or Tranh làng Hồ), full name Đông Hồ folk woodcut painting (Tranh khắc gỗ dân gian Đông Hồ) is a line of Vietnamese folk painting originating in Đông Hồ village (Song Hồ commune, Thuận Thành District, Bắc Ninh Province).

With the consent of the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Culture, in collaboration with the Provincial People’s Committee of Bắc Ninh and the specialized agencies conducting research, have set records for Đông Hồ folk paintings to be submitted to UNESCO for the recognition of intangible cultural heritage.

Source: Wikipedia.

With the guidance of “Ngoc Lu” drum, we have found the precise formula that when followed, only one shape similar to TCV can be drawn.

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