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Homeland of Fairy-Dragon

We call our homeland, Đất Nước, have two national Totems: Fairy-Dragon or Tiên Rồng, and often say “We are the children of Dragon and grandchildren of Fairy”. That pride is inculcated & spread through the legend about the creation of the country, the Tale of Fairy – Dragon1Vietnamese dragons (Vietnamese: Rồng; chữ Nôm: 蠪; Sino-Vietnamese: Long; chữ Hán: 龍) are symbolic creatures in Vietnamese folklore and mythology. According to an ancient origin myth, the Vietnamese people are descended from a dragon and a fairy. Source: Vietnamese dragon. Wikipedia.

The Creation Myth

Lac Long Quan married Au Co. Stayed together for a while Au Co was pregnant and gave birth to an egg sac that hatched a hundred eggs. Each egg hatched a beautiful, healthy & intelligent child2Not only Vietnamese, but also many other traditions talk about creation or human formation from the egg. Source Lược Sử Tộc Việt.

Living warmly together, but still remembering the Aquarium, one day Lac Long Quan said to Au Co: you are a fairy, growing up in high mountains, I am a Dragon, used to live in the sea, it is difficult to live together permanently. Please take 50 children to the mountain, I take 50 to the sea. Despite the distance and separation, we’ll listen, look after each other & whenever should one be in need, we’ll meet in the Center Field.

Am, Duong & the Center

The story of Fairy-Dragon is not only mysterious, poetic, lyrical but also express Viet Drum Law of Changes (VDC) or ADNH Theory & its most important idea, the Bipolar Unity principle. The pairs: Au Co – Lac Long Quan, Fairy-Dragon, Earth (Mountain) – Water, Logic – Love, represent 2 polars Am Duong (AD, Yang Yin) & imply that:

  • Am Duong’s exchange & combination give birth to everything (100 children).
  • Am & Duong are opposite & contradictory.
  • Even though they are opposite & divided, Am & Duong never leave each other & promise that whenever in need, they’ll meet at the center Field or Tao, where all differences & conflicts will be resolved.

In addition to identifying ourselves Dragon & Fairy, we also call our country & homeland, Đất Nước (Đất means the land or earth & Nước, water) or simply Nước. For example, we say Đất Nước tôi (My homeland), Nước Việt Nam (Vietnam), and also use the word Nước (water) to refer to other countries in the world: Nước England, Nước India, Nước Japan and so on.

Having 2 totems of Dragon & Fairy (Rồng – Tiên) & calling the homeland, Land-Water (Đất Nước) are both unusual & very rare, they become the characteristics of Vietnam.

The Center where Am & Duong meet.

Fig. 1: Central axis, ring No. 8

Curiously, those unique features are reflected by the VDC & clearly inscribed on the Drum, through the numbers, trigrams & hexagrams on the Ring No. 8.

Connecting 10 deer on each side will form a huge central axis covering whole ring no. 6 where we have found HT & BQHT, and where the people’s activities are described. In addition, there are 5 pairs of male-female or Am-Duong in each 10 deer group. This is a representation of the Center field, Center or Tao where Am & Duong meet, exchange, balance, reconcile & unite.

Once again VDC shows us the importance of the Center & expressing this idea consistently & repeatedly in the multiple ways & rings.

Fig. 2: Numbers 16 & 18 are the energy level of 2 hexagrams: Earth Water (Khon Kham) & Double water (double Kham).

Besides the deer, above & below of Ring 8 there are 2 groups of chickens moving in the Counterclockwise direction, the upper group has 6 & the lower group has 8 chickens. Combining the quantity of the deer & chicken as on the Figure 2, we’ll have 2 numbers – 16 & 18.

Fig. 3: Divide & Cut

The numbers 16 and 18 denote the energy level of 2 hexagrams: Earth Water (Khon Kham) & Double water (double Kham). They share the same denominator – Water (Kham) trigram. Like in the math, dividing both by Kham, there will be 2 trigrams left on either side of the central axis: Kham & Khon or Earth & Water.

“Divide and Cut” is not the key language of the VDC & Drum. With the VDC & Drum, inclusion, unity & harmony are more important, and the Center or Central axis is where the unity & harmony happens. So Central axis role is equivalent to Dao or Tai Chi.

Fig. 4: Trigrams Khon & Kham (Land & Water) & associated meanings

Homeland of Fairy-Dragon

Through the Yin and Yang post, we’ve learned that the Dragon, Round, hidden, formless & Spirit represent Am (Yin). And Earth, Square, visible, formed & physical indicate Duong (Yang). We also know that the trigrams Càn, Khảm are Am, and Khôn, Cấn are Duong. So, we’ll represent the AD pairs & the Center as Figure 4. Combining the AD pairs with the VDC’s & Drum’s inclusive language, we’ll understand the message on the 8th Ring: Đất Nước Tiên Rồng – Homeland of Fairy-Dragon is the creators & authors of the Drum, VDC & the Theory of ADNH (Yin Yang Five Elements).

Fig. 5: Land-Water of Fairy-Dragon, Ring No. 8

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